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Feb 13
2015 to

March 13 2017

Lisa Hillerström


  15 years after I left Microsoft I had a meeting with Lisa Hillerström which was a very good friend and collegue at Microsoft AB (where she was an consultant, started 1997..?).
She contacted me again in 2010 but we never had time to meet. I think that was after her divorce and when she started her company Hillerström Communications AB.

Finally, we met again on Feb 13, 2015 in Stockholm and 4 hours talking about everything we've done in life and more. This was before my wife Mia passed away and for me it turned out to be very important - I had someone to talk with during the horrible years with Mias cancer, and also after her death. It was support for me to be able to restart my life, doing a lot of things outside work, build strenght and resume a normal life again with my family.

We shared a lot of our inner feelings, experiences, sad times, good times. We talked almost daily for a year - she called when she was sad and I called her. Everything was really good until I met a new woman in spring 2016.
After that, she changed...into something very dishonest and fake, and I didn't realise something was wrong until after a trip to visit her on Käringön for 2 days in the summer of 2016. Also, when the birthday present I got earlier that year never happened, I was really looking forward to it:
Lisa Hillerström birthday present
I asked about it but she never wanted to talk about it..."next week if weather is good" and so on...;-).
So until now, a good friendship (and only that) changed into something else which I felt wasn't good but Lisa said we'll start over  and go back to what we had....

At our last meeting a few days before christmas in 2016 she was the usual nice person I've known for 18 years.
The last call was on Dec 28, 2016. Then silence, nothing, no reply on anything. On Feb 12 2017, on my birthday, I received a message that said "Stort grattis på födelsedagen".  I replied and thanked her, and then silence again until she announced on Facebook she had a new relation with a new man. I was very happy for her and sent my best wishes.

A few days later she sent me an email, using the same type of form that you use when you want to fire somebody from a job (which she'd done in her work many times) and explained our friendship was over, done, no more - and one reason was the trip to Käringön (which I asked her before if it was OK), which she thought was "too intense" - which is impossible as this was a family trip with her kids, sister and others.

Did that hurt?  Based on the last 2 years and how we've talked about everything, very open etc. you could expect more - or at least a call. That trust I experienced between us was worth nothing anymore and she didn't explain why or wanted to talk about it.

Back in June 2016 I told her, based on her stories about x-boyfriends since her divorce, she seemed to have a trust problem with men. She started to cry so I guess I was right - she's afraid of getting hurt and will not let anyone get to close, and that was our problem in the end - I got too close and I know too much about her, more than she ever wanted.

Lisa Hillerström, the worst friend I've had in my life - a Fake Friend. Lisa told me once she had changed and wasn't the same person as before - she was right  - sad. 

Also, she thinks I want to have contact with her again so she informed via email she would contact the police if I tried.... Just to be very clear about this, I do not want to have any kind of contact with Lisa - and I would never be able to trust her again. I'll post this story here just because I know Lisa hates it (not good for her image.... - for me it's just therapy ;-)  )
                 Lisa Hillerström