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Som synes så är allt på denna sida skriven på engelska. Det beror på att detta skrevs från början för Microsofts interna nätverk 1995.

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I was born February 12, 1964 in Kiruna (way up north in Sweden). Moved to Katrineholm (1.5 hour south of Stockholm) in 1974. "Discovered" the computer in 1979 when attending a seminar in Stockholm with my math class (Matematikbienalen).

Handplant Spent the following years in school... a lot of time in front of a terminal, and doing something I still do today, windsurfing and snowboarding (everything started with a skateboard in 1979).
This is real life, on the water
One day in march 1986 my mother said to me "you should start thinking about a job now. The school ends soon and you REALLY have to have a job by then". She's right I thought, better start doing something about that. Later on the same day, on my bed with the latest computer magazine, I saw this ad from Microsoft in Stockholm. "Tech support person wanted"...


Microsoft logoStarted working for Microsoft June 9, 1986. Acctually, I did some stuff for Microsoft before that day. For some reason Rolf Skoglund (General Manager) sent me to London and something called "SoftTeach". When reading the report (in Swedish) you'll find some interesteing notes and predictions by a young student (me).

trip report

The rest is history and here it is:

PSS Application Support. This was the old times with the old Microsoft logo on our business cards.



When going trough some old stuff at home, I found my first status report from June 1986!

In 1986 the International Sales meeting was in Cannes, France. Will never forget that nightclub with Bill Gates and the rest of Microsofties from Sweden, and all others of course. The Canadians loved the strip show...(we didn't know about that... PROMISE!). Will never forget the price of the first Coca-Cola either, $25!!!. 
In 1987 we went to Les Arc, also in France. No complaints about the view.

View from Les Arc

Microsoft AB - Les Arc 1987

View from The Space NeedleIn January 1988 I visited Microsoft in Redmond for the first time. Per Lundmark (one of first Swedes in Redmond) introduced me to Anna Prince. She had this list with available positions...but couldn't ask me If I was interested. She didn't have to.

February to June this year was fun. Would I ever come back to Sweden? Well... at that time I didn't care.

Microsoft AB June 1988
In this picture from June 1988, 2 weeks before my move to U.S.A you'll find everybody at Microsoft AB. Still don't know who the viking in the middle is. Do you know? I'm the guy to the left of the helmet.


PLA at Microsoft in Redmond, localization of Word for Windows 1.0 to Swedish.

 The time in Redmond was great. Lots of cool people here at the time as things like Windows 3 and Visual Basic was in development. Had a OK view from my office also in Building 9.

If you like hiking, this is the place .. 

Did play some golf also

The first 8 months I lived in a house with some other guys in Bellevue.


Had some great moments in my life also, when I met my girlfriend and wife in Seattle

and bought a new car (of course), Acura Integra LS (outside the Campus).

Something else: Ever heard about the "Velvet Sweatshop?" In the picture you'll find at least one Swedish guy.

1989-1995 Had a couple of different jobs these years:
- Assistant product manager
- IT-dept, Doing all sorts of things (developed "Pguide",netadmin, tech events..)
- Retail Sales. Tech event coordinator
- Project lead for Microsoft Partner Network
- Tech Event coordinator AND the Partner Network
- ms
n SuperSysop and Forum manager for Microsoft Nordic.
1996 1H- Started as a SuperSysop and Forum manager for MSN at Microsoft Nordic. Ended up in a project team for the exernal Microsoft Nordic web sites. This was soo cool - I wish I had quit Microsoft and started a web company at this time :-)
1997 1H-2000 Worked as the Nordic WebMaster. Responsible for a lot of things.. among them www.microsoft.se, www.microsoft.no, www.microsoft.dk and www.microsoft.fi. And some other things on the Microsoft intranet. This was the toughest years at Microsoft but still fun. Worked with many cool external companies like Hallabaloo, CGI Interactive, Pixel, O2 and others.
sometime in 1998 It could be fun to have your own company, so I got one. 2fun consulting. Don't know what to do with it but I've got a business card and a web site.
January 28, 2000 On January 28, 2000 I decided to leave Microsoft. The next couple of months I'll think about what I want to do next and focus on my family. New job? Yes, sure, if it's interesting and fun. Until then I'll spend time with my hobbies, golf and Mazda Miata. Have been working with www.miata.se since October 3, 1999 and that's FUN!
June 6, 2000 Started working for AGFA in Stockholm as the new Nordic Webmaster.
During the fall I've redesigned the sites in Nordic. www.agfa.se and www.agfa.no are almost done (Dec 2000). www.agfa.fi and www.agfa.dk will be complete early in 2001.
Jan 9, 2001 Late last year I decided to leave Agfa. Feb 1 I'll move into www.eternity.se with some interesting challenges ahead. More on that later.


Feb 1, 2001 First day on the job as the new Support Manager at Eternity AB


June 21, 2001 Last day on the job at Eternity. I was #49 in the Company and now they're down to 16...and counting. This was really a new job at the wrong time. Sorry, but Eternity is not what that company is about.. :-)

And I got a new job also....

Aug 1, 2001 First day on the job as Support/Test/Quality Manager for Twobyfour software on Stockholm. Office on Kungsgatan 34.
Later in August Hmmmm 14 people had to leave the company...
Dec 10, 2001 Houston, we've got a problem. Yes, even more people have to leave. This time I'm one of them and the company is in bad shape..guess OM will buy everything to "save" their interests... well, let's find a new job then.
Jan 7, 2002 A new job! This time as IT Project Manager for Frango in Stockholm.
Jun 4, 2002 Hmmm I think this is a repeat...but anyway, here it goes:

"Houston, we've got a problem". Seems like Frango isn't selling that many products anymore, so "someone" said "We must cut costs"..and that's was the end of my time with Frango.

Jun 5, 2002 So - now it's time for a change, we're moving! Yes, to Fjärås, south of Kungsbacka, south of Gothenburg and focus area is...GOLF, FAMILY, NEW HOUSE & FRIENDS. West coast = the best coast :-)
March 17, 2003 Started working at MindCom AB in Västra Frölunda as a consultant. Interesting company, guess "things" can happen here..
September 2003 Picked up Skateboarding again!! Wonder why I ever stopped skating, this is great fun. Also moved my company 2fun into the skateboard business and is now reselling skatestuff from the US.
Feb 28, 2004 Oooppss... another one bites the dust. MindCom is no more. Well, I'm used to ut by now and it was no surprise based on various events during the last 6 months.
March 1, 2004 New job at Mandator AB in Gothenburg. Hope this one will last longer. More or less the same job with special focus on Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and related products. Company is bigger than MindCom but SharePoint is a new area and let's see if the plans will reach reality.
Note when leaving: They never understood SharePoint - to bad.
October 18, 2004 Oh - yes! New job again and this one feels really good. Sigma nBiT in Alingsås have lots of SharePoint knowledge in one place and I've got a great opportunity to do great stuff here. 
Note when leaving: They had a great opportunity but didn't focus...
February 5, 2007 When you're offered an opportunity that looks like something you've been thinking about for a long time I guess it's hard to say no. I couldn't so I decided to move on...to Sogeti Sverige AB.

My primary goal is to make sure the SharePoint center is #1 in our region...and later on in Sweden! :-)

Note when leaving: It's all about the environment... look after it or the animals leaves ;-)

June 19, 2010 StenaIt's time to leave the consulting business and get back to a REAL job :-) On July 1, 2010 I'll move to Stena Rederi AB with a new title, Collaboration Architect. It's a lot of what I've been doing the last 10 years and it feels great!
July 1 - Nov 30  2015 Decided to go back to the software industry when I found an interesting job at AvePoint in Stockholm so I started to work there, renting a place to stay in Sundbyberg and travelling every week. It was interesting ...and the worst job I've ever had. No logo here for them and PLEASE stay away from them!!!

 December 2015 On december 22 my wonderful wife Marie passed away due to cancer. These weeks were the worst ever in my life...
Mia Möllberg
Mars  2016 Currently at Avega Group AB in Stockholm, as a solutions architect
Great job with great people..